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4 oz

Shisho, also known as Japanese mint, is incredibly aromatic with a distinctive aroma that is refreshing, floral, herbaceous, and citrusy. Shisho is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine as an herb, seasoning, and vegetable. Click on this item to see the full description.

Description: A member of the mint family, shiso has a unique flavor similar to basil and cilantro with subtle hints of cumin and cloves. Shiso is similar to sesame leaves in appearance only: they are distinct in both flavor and potency. Shiso leaves are also credited with antibacterial properties, ascribed to compounds called phytoncides, which are believed to help prevent the spoilage of food that is wrapped in the leaves. Indeed, for centuries the Japanese have used shiso leaves to help slow the spoilage of raw fish and seafood.

Uses: Slice shiso and mix into poke bowls, garnish sashimi, and flavor sauces. The herb pairs well with fatty fish like salmon, yellowtail, and tuna, and can be enjoyed by wrapping a whole leaf around a piece of sashimi and dipping it in soy sauce. Shiso also complements vegetables and fruits. Julienned shiso leaves are often mixed with salads to add a fresh, citrusy flavor.

Recipe: Try this Mojito with Shiso for a fun Summer cocktail! Shiso Rum Mojito

Storage: Keep in the refrigerator protected from the refrigerator air for best storage and shelf life. 

Honey Brook Harvest Collective

Located in Honey Brook, PA the Harvest Collective is a group of farmers that all grow and contribute to our food system we're working hard to develop. Initially, we first met Reuben Riehl in the fall of 2012 and began talking about this crazy idea of him supplying the CSA. Now, two and a half years later, Reuben and eight of his neighbors are growing crops, making cheese, and raising chickens, beef, pork, duck, and lamb for the CSA. The group is only open to growers that care greatly for their land and take pride in their natural growing methods. While they are not certified organic, they do everything in their power to raise their crops and animals in the healthiest way possible.

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