We are building a food system that connects producers with consumers and brings good food to all. Through our weekly delivery CSA share, you can get good food, while supporting a more inclusive food system.

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Customize your weekly share. Pick up at one of 15 locations located around the city. Get it delivered to your home. Receive credits at our online farmers market for when you can not get your share.

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We use the exact same producers and facilities from our CSA to provide affordable good food to low-income buying clubs. These buying clubs are a place to share knowledge about food and build community.

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Partnerships with charities

Philly Foodworks partners with organizations all over the city to help support local producers and make the local food movement accessible for everyone! For more about our new marketing strategy check out our blog. These are the groups we work with.

Our Producers

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Our Social Impact


Food access is much more than geographic location. It is also about knowing the benefits of healthy food, how to prepare it, and deconstructing misconceptions about agriculture and who deserves health. Read on to learn how we partner with neighborhood groups to bring good food to their community.

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Urban Farms

Sustaining the vitality of local, sustainable, and compassionate producers is essential to creating stronger communities. All of our farmers are within 150 miles of Philadelphia and half of our value added producers are Philly based. Read on to learn more about how we work together.

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