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Rolling Farm Share Benefits

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Get the benefits of a farm share without committing for a whole season.
Adjust what goes in your box each week. Put your share on hold for when you are away.
Pick up your share from over 30 locations around the city or have it delivered to your home.
A portion of your payment goes to local producers to help with the cumbersome start up costs of farming.
Support local communities and environmentally responsible agriculture practices.
Our food is naturally grown and straight from local farms.
Over 500 items are available in our online market, including produce, meat, cheese, bread, coffee, and more.
Visit the farms your food comes from and meet local producers at events around the city.
In addition to learning about the local food system, receive weekly recipes, storage tips, and nutritional information about your food.
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Our Social Impact

Philly Foodworks is about connecting people through awesome food. We strive to connect the people that make our food with consumers from neighborhoods all around the city. We love food, and believe that food produced with love is something that everyone should enjoy.

We work closely with producers to help finance seasonal start-up costs, identify new products, and distribute their goods to new markets. We have also partnered with several community based organizations and people in the city to spread this good food movement.

Learn more about the people at Philly Foodworks.