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Access to the largest selection of local products in the region
Hard-to-find varieties of seasonal fruits and veggies
Personalized customer service
Recyclable, minimal-waste, and returnable packaging
Low minimum order and home delivery fees
Community food tasting and meet-the-maker events

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What sets us apart

Our deep commitment to building a LOCAL food system

We’ve been serving the Philadelphia area since 2014.
Zero waste packaging including returnable boxes, cold packs/liners, and clam shells.
We invest financially in the farms we work with, commit to pre-season crop planning, and coordinate trucking logistics.
We collaborate with 8 different community organizations to deliver food to people in need.
All food that is not sold or donated is composted at one of our partner farms.
We average of 1.1 miles driven/delivery and use 100% renewable energy in our warehouse.
Our farmers prioritize flavor, growing the tastiest varieties and picking produce at peak ripeness.
We’ve established a network of over 200 producers to provide a wide variety of local products.

We are building a food system together

Why our customers love us

Philly Foodworks is very convenient. You can customize the box as much as you want and skip a week easily. The website is very straightforward. The produce is always good. These shenandoah pears were huge and very juicy.
Caroline Thorn PFW Member
Love ordering weekly from here. It’s nice to have staples like milk, eggs, and bread consistently and not have to worry about those items when shopping at the grocery store. I also chose a few items to stock our freezer like roasts, scallops, shrimp...
Amanda Neff PFW Member
Philly Foodworks is the best! Produce is always fresh & tasty and they have a great selection of snacks as well as fresh pasta. I get all of my groceries from them-rarely need to supplement with items from a store. Can’t recomment them enough!
Whitney Hawthorne PFW Member
Delicious, high quality food! We switched to delivery recently and it’s so worth it to have a box of deliciousness show up at my door. We’ve sampled a variety of veggies, fruits and the packaged options and all have been great...
Nicole Bruno PFW Member

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