About Us


Philly Foodworks makes buying, eating, and sharing fresh food as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

We work with a diverse group of producers and distributors to navigate the challenges faced by producing outside of the mainstream commodity food system. Our online farmers market, events, and communications make buying and learning about these foods easy. We feel that food is how people connect to themselves, the land, and their community. By engaging with food more consciously, we can build a world that nurtures these connections.


Our roots began at Urban Tree Connection (UTC). At UTC we worked with neighbors to build a farm and community Co-Op at 53rd and Wyalusing Ave (West-Philly). We sold our food around town and experienced the distribution and logistical challenges faced by many small producers. However, we also realized how much people loved the food we were producing and how much they valued the experience of knowing where the food came from and the people who grew it. We decided our mission would be to help other small producers distribute their products and bring their amazing goods to as many people as possible. We began in 2014, nestled away in the SHARE Foods warehouse in North Philadelphia. We are grateful for the support of the food community in Philadelphia and all of the wonderful people who have chosen to work with us on our mission.


We choose our food and farmers based on standards created and valued by our members. These standards do not always fit the various certifications available today, but are assessed by the quality of produce, health and safety of the worker, product and environment. For the majority of the year our food is sourced within a 150-mile radius of Philadelphia. During the drought of winter, we source elsewhere, but our high standards of production never change. It never includes GMOs. Some grow organically, but uncertified, and some are pursuing Certified Naturally Grown (a less costly alternative to USDA Organic).


The food we sell reflects the real cost of production, which often makes it inaccessible to some of our neighbors. However we are committed towards bringing this amazing food to as many people as possible. We have built relationships with local food cupboards so nothing goes to waste and have worked with a bevy of individuals and organizations to help them access healthy, fresh food. This includes fundraising drives with our members, selling food at cost to people working on food justice, and using cross promotion with local nonprofits as a way to raise funds for their cause.

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