About Us

Philly Foodworks is an online market and farm share program that is dedicated to creating a sustainable local food system for the Greater Philadelphia region.

Having started out as urban farmers ourselves, we understand the rewards and challenges of growing food, and we are committed to building a better distribution network between farmers/producers and consumers in our area.

what we do

Make High-Quality, Sustainably Produced Food Available to Consumers Year-Round.

Shop a la carte or select one of our unique subscriptions. In our online market, we offer the largest selection of local food in the Greater Philadelphia region (including fresh produce, meats, cheeses and other dairy products, baked goods, pantry items and prepared foods, and home and beauty products)—plus fully customizable farm share boxes.

We choose our market vendors by evaluating the quality of their products, the health and safety of their workers, and the farms’ or companies’ environmental impact. For the majority of the year our food is sourced within a 150-mile radius of Philadelphia. During the drought of winter we source elsewhere, but our high standards of production never change. Whenever we can’t source locally, we choose items that have the most direct path to us, and we never introduce non-local items that will compete with products from our local farmers. Some of our farmers grow organically but are uncertified, some use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) growing methods, and some are pursuing Certified Naturally Grown status (a less costly alternative to USDA Organic).

Support local farmers & producers.

We work with a diverse group of farmers and producers to navigate the challenges faced by producing outside of the mainstream commodity food system. We coordinate the transportation of food from the farms to our warehouse, collaborate closely with growers to reduce crop overlap, and help finance crucial investments that increase production yields and overall farm efficiency. (Read more about our collaboration with farmers here.)

Increase food access for those in need.

The food we sell reflects the real cost of production, which often makes it inaccessible to some of our neighbors. To help bridge that gap, we have built relationships with local food cupboards and have worked with Philly-area organizations to distribute food to those in need via fundraising drives, donations, and charity events.

In 2019, we partnered with Greensgrow Farms to build a scalable model that will make farm shares available to beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) throughout Philadelphia. In this joint effort, SNAP members are responsible for 50% of the food costs, and, together with Greensgrow, we subsidize the remaining 50% with grants and donations. 
Click here to learn more about our SNAP farm share program. Philly Foodworks members can contribute to this program by making a one- time donation or subscribing to make a recurring contribution


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