Philly Foodworks ambassador Program

You are invited to be a Philly Foodworks ambassador!

Good Food For All

Our ambassadors care deeply about creating a local food system and work to get more people eating locally and to expand the impact of our community.

How it works:
Each month, we’ll send an email to inform you about the latest happenings at Philly Foodworks. Examples of things it will include are:

• Exciting news from our producers
• Upcoming items for that month
• PFW Impact report

We will be sure to include pictures, graphics, and copy that you can use to send out to your networks.

Then, you’ll help us get the word out! Some ways to get the word out include:

• Posting on social media or emailing to friends/family
• Posting to neighborhood listservs/community groups or attending a community event
• Putting brochures out in your neighborhood/town

It's rewarding for all

We can help! If you want ideas or need special brochures, food for an event, or any other information, we are here to support you. We will also give you a custom referral link, so you can track your sign-ups. 

In addition to $15 for every referral you get, once you hit different friend referral goals, you will receive gifts from us:

• 5 sign-ups: PFW T-Shirt and surprise item from the market
• 10 sign-ups: PFW Mug and surprise item from the market
• 15 sign-ups: Insulated PFW tote bag and surprise item from the market
• 20 sign-ups: PFW cutting board and surprise item from the market

All while helping us to build a more sustainable food system for our region!

Help spread the word!


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