Introducing the PFW Roots Rewards Program!

As a Roots Rewards member, you will enjoy lots of benefits while also helping us reach our business goals and create a better local food system for the greater Philadelphia region.

Here’s what you get as a Roots Rewards member:

• Lower order minimum of $20
• Free home delivery
• 5% back on all purchases over $75 (reimbursed as credits in your PFW account, monthly)

Here’s what we get in return


  • The ability to give more financial support to our network of small farmers. When you sign up for the Roots Rewards membership program, you will be prompted to load a prepayment of $100 to $600 into your account, which will be used for your future orders and will carry over from month to month or until you use it up (at which point you’ll be prompted to reload your account). These prepaid funds will allow us the working capital to finance small equipment upgrades, farmer education, and other expenses that will greatly benefit our network of local, family farms. (Click here for more information about our prepayment program.)

  • More funds to help us spread the word about Philly Foodworks. Your membership fee will go toward supporting our marketing efforts, which will increase our reach and allow us to include more local producers in our online store.



  • $15 monthly membership cost billed during the first week of each month*
  • $100 to $600 in initial prepayments to your account, to be replenished for as long as you choose to remain a Roots Rewards member

Fill out this form to enroll in our Roots Rewards program.

*For the first month, your membership fee will be billed at a prorated amount based on the date you signed up (If you sign up halfway through the month, you only have to pay half of the fee).  

**Your chosen prepayment amount will be billed when you place your next order. Any credits not used in that order will remain on your account. Once your account balance drops below $0, you will be billed again at the prepayment amount you chose when you signed up for the Roots Rewards program. If you do not replenish your prepayment account, you will be unenrolled from the Roots Rewards program.

Feel free to cancel your membership at any time!

You can cancel your membership at any time for free by emailing us at The 5% back you earned on purchases while you were an active Roots Rewards member will be paid out at the end of the year in credits to your account. 

If you choose to cancel your membership, you’ll have the option of getting a refund for all remaining payment credits or donating them to our SNAP share program. Credits given as part of the 5% earnings are nonrefundable.



Looking for more ways to support?

  • Donate your monthly credits to our food access work. This was a member suggestion, and we love it. Each month we raise money from our members and use that money to purchase food to donate to partner organizations in the city. If you are interested in contributing to this initiative, please let us know and we will automatically add your credits to our food access fund each month.
  • Increase your pre-payment amount. If you find yourself often spending the approximate value of your pre-payment (for example: $90 weekly order on a $100 pre-payment membership), consider bumping up to a $200 or $300 pre-payment membership. Email us anytime to learn more about this option.

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