SNAP Farm Share Program

We believe in good food for all

Good Food For All

Philly Foodworks has partnered with Greensgrow to build a scalable model that will make farm shares available to beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) throughout Philadelphia. Greensgrow handles all SNAP member sign-ups and payments, while we manage the sourcing, packing, and distribution of the food.

As of March 2019, there are 26 families participating in this program.

Through this partnership, Greensgrow is also able to accept SNAP payments for medicinal and edible plants at their nurseries. Greensgrow is the only garden center in Pennsylvania doing this!

How it works:
• Interested people can sign-up for a snap share here.
• SNAP members can choose between five different shares and select to use one of 60 different pick-up sites.
• SNAP members pay Greensgrow at the beginning of the month and are responsible for 50% of the cost. Together with Greensgrow, we subsidize the remaining 50% with grants and donations.

Why we do it

When we cook and eat healthy, locally grown foods, we not only nourish our bodies and our minds, but we also create relationships with producers and the land that gave us this food. Sadly, due to the economics of our food system and larger society, this is not an option for everyone.

At Philly Foodworks and Greensgrow, we believe everyone should have access to good local food. And we think that, as a community, we have the resources to make this possible. 

Help provide access to local food for all!

How you can help

Good Food For All

Greensgrow Farm Dinner at their West location in 2018

You are already supporting this program just by being a Philly Foodworks member but here are a few additional ways you can help!

1. Become a Philly Foodworks member and make a one-time donation or subscribe for a recurring donation amount

2. Donate to Greensgrow, and mark your donation for the “SNAP Share Program”

3. Attend one of the farm dinners that we are putting on with Greensgrow, hosted at their beautiful Kensington location! Foods for the dinners are sourced by Philly Foodworks and prepared by a local chef. All proceeds go to benefit the SNAP share program. For more info, contact or check your weekly newsletter. The first dinner is scheduled for April 27th!

We are building a new food system for everyone, and the more you shop Philly Foodworks, the more capacity we have to build the new food system!


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