Low Cost Produce Program

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Low Cost Produce Box

Our Low-Cost Produce Box (LCPB) program helps community groups, organizations, and buying clubs increase access to high-quality local fruits and vegetables at lower prices. You get discounts when you buy boxes in bulk.

How it works:

Step 1: You identify a group of households that value local, nutritious food.

Step 2: You (or your organization’s coordinator) work with our products department to identify the items your customers would like in their boxes.

Step 3: You place your order for the number of boxes you would like one week in advance of delivery.

Step 4: We pack the boxes, and then we deliver them to your location or you pick them up at our warehouse and distribute them to your customers. Ask us about home delivery options!

Interested? Fill out this form or email info@phillyfoodworks.com.

Pricing & Other Specifics

Our standard produce box costs $20 (usually retails at $25) and includes 6 to 8 varieties of fruit and vegetables. The produce included is intended to meet the needs of 2 to 3 people.

You can include the following add-ons in your boxes:

• Fruit boost — $10 (normally $13); additional fruit
• Bread share — $7 (normally $9); a loaf of fresh-baked bread
• Eggs — $4.50 (normally $6); a dozen pasture-raised eggs
• Yogurt — $5.75 (normally $7.75); a quart of locally-made yogurt

You will have the opportunity to set the parameters for the boxes for your customers. For instance, are there items you would never like us to include? How much fruit do you want? Any items you would like every week?

Example of Spring Availability

How we can help

Good Food For All

Example of Fall Availability

We send our partner organizations grant opportunities to subsidize the cost of their boxes.

We offer introductory pricing while you are finding your cohort of members.

It's OK to start small. We aim to have a minimum of 50 boxes/delivery; however, if you’re having trouble finding 50 customers to start with, we’re happy to work something out while you build interest.

Want to learn more? Fill out this form or contact us at info@phillyfoodworks.com to chat with one of our staff members about the program and how you can get started.


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