We take issue with all the trash generated by our food system,
especially home delivery companies

Here is how we are addressing the issue

Late summer spread with minimal packaging & reusable tote.

Minimal packaging. Cauliflower wrapped in plastic? Weird. To cut down on needless bags and containers, we don’t package large fruits and vegetables that don’t need them. We also use paper to package whenever possible. We have had to build internal systems as well as work with farmers to make this possible. Here is how we do it:

• Train staff to assemble the boxes to keep tender items protected in transit so they don’t require additional packaging
• Create an item labeling system to denote the different items packed in paper bags
• Refrigerated trucks so each box does not have to be insulated

When you get your delivery, you’ll immediately notice the difference!


We take packaging returns. Unlike most other grocery delivery companies, we offer customers the option of returning packaging when we drop off new orders.

These items include:
• wax-coated boxes
• ice packs
• foil cold sleeves
• post-consumer recycled plastic clamshells for our baby greens

After we process them for damage and contamination, these materials are reused for the next week’s orders, reducing the amount of trash left in customers’ bins.

Baby greens in PCP clamshells & the wax coated box.

Post-consumer recycled plastic clamshells for greens

99% Recyclable. We have worked extensively with our packaging supplier to identify post-consumer recycled packaging and find replacements for single-use packaging.

This includes:
• paper bags for storage crops
• Thick paper packaging to support fragile products in boxes
• paper pulp quart containers for fragile fruit
• uncoated butcher paper for fragile tomatoes

All of these items can be recycled in your municipalities or repurposed. We encourage you to do so!


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