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Watermelon Guava


Watermelon Guava has a nice floral flavor with a hint of strawberry and melon. The texture is more crunchy than regular pink guava. Each fruit contains seeds that are edible. Click on this item to see the full description.

Description: Watermelon guavas are oval to pear-shaped fruits with a moderate size, averaging 5 to 7 centimeters in diameter. The semi-rough skin is green, leathery, and slightly bumpy, and underneath the thin skin, the red-pink flesh is dense and crisp. The flesh is also known for having a firm, granular, and crunchy, apple-like consistency, encasing many small, hard, and edible, yellow seeds. Watermelon guavas have a sweet scent reminiscent of strawberries and a floral, fruity, and sweet flavor of melon and berries.

Watermelon Guava is native to a region spanning from southern Mexico to Central America. Miami Fruit's Watermelon Guava is grown on small sustainable farms in South Florida.

How To Eat: 
Watermelon Guava is ready to eat when it has some give. It is more firm than pink guava and can be eaten less ripe. When it starts developing brown spots it needs to be eaten immediately.  Bite right into it (like an apple) or cut it into slices. The seeds are edible.

Miami Fruit

MiamiFruit began as a small fruit stand at local Miami farmer’s markets in 2015, but they have grown by shipping their tropical fruit all over the USA. Miami Fruit is dedicated to providing the highest quality tropical fruit to people all over the United States. Every week they harvest fruit from local farms in South Florida, including their own farm! The fruit that they offer is grown by hard-working farmers who take pride in producing the highest quality tropical fruit. They love trying rare fruits, and they know how hard it is to find some of them throughout most of North America so they are thrilled to be able to share them with you!

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