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Mushrooms: King Oyster


King oyster mushrooms have a woodsy but delicately sweet flavor. Their meaty texture makes them great for roasting!

Description: One of Ryan's favorites! The King Oyster (king trumpet, french horn, boletus of the steppes, trumpet royale) - Pleurotus eryngii is another member of the oyster family native to the Mediterranean regions of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, but also cultivated worldwide. It is the largest member of the oyster family with a thick, meaty white stem that is wonderful in many different preparations.

Recipe: Here's a vegan "bacon" recipe using king oyster mushrooms as a substitute!

Storage: Store your mushrooms tight together! Transfer the mushrooms into a storage container that can fit the mushrooms in a small area. The tighter the wrapping the better! If you don’t have tupperware - transfer the mushrooms into a ziplock bag.

The Woodlands at Phillips

In April 2011, The Woodlands at Phillips opened with the goal to deliver fresh, dried, jarred, and specialty mushrooms to the customer market in the Chester County area. Located in the heart of Mushroom Country, Kennett Square, they offer a wide array of products and mushroom memorabilia such as towels, books, and more. In the original 1828 family farm home that the Phillips Family acquired in 1890. The Woodlands has been restored to resemble the look and feel as when it was first built. The Woodlands also features a Mushroom Museum where visitors can learn about the history of the Family, the science behind mushroom growing, and more!

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