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Flower Bouquet



Each bouquet contains between 18-21 stems of unique seasonal flowers and foliage. These flower bouquets are coming to us from our long time partners, the Glick family of Sunny Harvest Farms! While at the farm, these pesticide-free flowers attract a host of pollinators and beautify their urban surroundings. In your home they will bring beauty, joy and wonderful scents. Click on this item to see the full description.

Description: These pesticide-free bouquets contain between 18-21 stems of unique seasonal flowers and foliage. Grown on the Glick Family Farm.

A bouquet in June might include Snapdragons, Cosmos, Calendula, Nigella, Bachelor’s Buttons, Feverfew, and a variety of interesting foliage, including herbs.

A bouquet in July and August might include Dahlias, Sunflowers, Celosia, Zinnias, Amaranth, Daucus, Marigolds, Strawflower, and a variety of interesting foliage, including herbs.

Why support pesticide-free flowers?
While many consumers value organic produce for health and environmental benefits, they might not realize the importance of buying chemical-free flowers as well. Many flowers are imported from other countries and are doused in toxic chemicals to prevent against pests and disease, as well as preserve flowers during shipping overseas. These chemical pesticides harm workers and kill pollinators. In addition, chemical residue remains even as the flowers sit on your table.

By contrast, local flowers that are grown without pesticides greatly contribute to the local ecosystem. At Ruth Bennett Community Farm, we’re proud that our pesticide-free flowers attract a host of pollinators, like bees, butterflies, and birds. They also help beautify their urban surroundings. And they just make us happy.

To maximize vase life for flowers:

- Change water daily, and make sure you fill the vase to the top. All stems should be submerged.
- Remove dead or wilting leaves from the arrangement.
- Cut stems at an angle every few days to allow flowers to absorb more water.
- Flowers last longer under cool conditions. Avoid placing the bouquet in direct sunlight.

If the above instructions are followed, bouquets should last at least a week. Some flowers may fade sooner than others, and those can be removed to keep the bouquet looking fresh.

Sunny Harvest Farms

Located in Glenn Mills, PA this collective is made up of Amish family farmers. They grow a range of fruits and vegetables between the 10 farmers. Innovative and forward looking, these farmers extend their growing season with high tunnels, and combine old and new techniques to responsibly and productively farm their land.

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