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Popcorn: Cloudy Simply Salted

Out of stock

Description: This flavor was born out of circumstance. While popping over their solar dishes they were sometimes interrupted by pesky clouds. With the sun's rays blotted out their popcorn took too long to pop and came out white and crispy. It was overdone for the 'Classic' flavor. But they kept these special batches for themselves. Just a touch of salt revealed something to cherish. Now they bring Cloudy Qorn to you!

Their facility is allergen free. There are no nuts processed in the facility and none in any of their products. They are verified by Snack Safely.
Their plastic bags are only recycled by services like TerraCycle. 

Their popcorn is GMO free certified by Project Verified. Their safflower oil is also Project Verified. Their yeast is certified GMO free by BioStar. Some of the popcorn they pop is certified organic, but the majority is either minimally treated, or uncertified organic. 

Their yeast is vitamin fortified. That does mean that it contains artificial folate (B12). It is the standard formulation for most food co-op stocked nutritional yeasts.

And how do they get that yeast to stick so well? That is a trade secret :)

Ingredients: Non-GMO popcorn, safflower oil, salt.

Vegan & Gluten-Free.

Bjorn Qorn

Bjorn is a Minnesota corn farmer’s son and Jamie is an artist and inventor. The two met at Bard College, where Bjorn became known for his delicious family popcorn recipe and Jamie for his wild concepts and contraptions. During a historic session of catch in New York’s central park, their collaboration was set into motion. Now the two make a cult favorite popcorn and research and experiment with solar power uses in any and every way they can. Bjorn Qorn uses homegrown non-gmo popcorn and season with all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients. There is no butter or cheese! Bjorn Qorn’s special flavor comes from nutritional yeast, which is a high protein and high B-vitamin seasoning that is popular in vegan cuisine but is especially great on popcorn. What is different about Bjorn Qorn is they use the sun! That’s right this is sun-popped corn. They have perfected their signature recipe using the heat of the sun. At their Kelder’s Farm location in New York they have enormous mirrored reflectors to collect the sun’s rays and focus them on their kettles. Now they also have a solar-electric facility just down the road where they continue their original savory recipe and have more plans in the works.

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