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Oil: Ultra Premium 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This is not your ordinary extra virgin olive oil. This is 100% unblended extra virgin olive oil from their private estate in Greece and single olive variety.

Description: Laconiko's family’s Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a Grassy smooth, rich, buttery flavor. This is excellent on any dish! It is great on salads, breads, vegetables, dips, pasta, and even great for cooking (sautéing, marinating, grilling). This is not your ordinary extra virgin olive oil. This is 100% unblended extra virgin olive oil from their private estate and a single olive variety (koroneiki olive), which has a shelf life of two plus years due to the high antioxidants in their olive oil. Experience the pleasure of using an Award Winning top quality 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Keep your oil in a dark, cool cupboard away from the stove or other heat-producing appliances.


 This is not an olive oil story! This is a story about love, sacrifice, commitment and passion! By the spring of 2009, we had officially named our newfound company OUR FAMILY’S OLIVE OIL LLC, which would eventually become our Laconiko Extra-Virgin Olive Oil brand. By the time our first batch arrived in the U.S., my brother Dino and I had assumed the identity of olive oil producers. We left our other occupations and closed all other doors. We accepted responsibility that we would be the next generation of our family’s olive oil producers. We mutually agreed that we would give everything or nothing! There was no other road but this now. We are olive oil producers now! We want to describe our place in a giant picture. It is located in the southeastern most tip of the Peloponnese, Greece, in the region of Laconia. In ancient Greece, Laconia was the principal region of the Spartan state and today Laconia\\\'s capital is Sparta. The region of Laconia is enclosed between two great mountains, to the west, the famous mountain of Taygetos, of which in ancient times it was considered to lead to the gate of Hades and to the east the mountains of Parnonas which ends at the well-recognized town of Monemvasia. This is where our Laconiko olive oil gets its name, from the region of Laconia. Laconiko also gets its name from the word \\\"laconic,\\\" which is also derived from Laconia by analogy and means \\\"to express a quality thought or idea using a limited amount of words\\\"

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