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Spices: Hank Rub

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Description: Dry rub seasoning available in original and spicy.

Original- This seasoning pairs extremely well with a hot cast iron pan and fresh tuna. Oh and scallops too and uhh, anything else that swims. Veggies certainly don't swim, but they do need to be included in this conversation. We recommend sprinkling it on asparagus, brussels, corn, and pretty much anything else that comes from the ground.
Other excellent things to try it on: popcorn, fries, eggs, omelets - you get the idea.

Spicy- A few notches hotter than the original Hank Rub yet just as versatile. While it shines exceptionally bright on seafood, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see what it can do on a grilled pork chop or some spicy meat-a-balls!
Random awesome things to try it with that you may not have thought of yet: chicken N waffles, homemade tortillas, guacamole or extra gooey grilled cheese

3.5 oz jar

Hank Sauce

The tale of Hank Sauce dates back to 2006 when 3 friends became roommates at Flagler College in the quaint and sunny beach town of St Augustine, Fl. All hailing from the Southern portion of the great state of New Jersey; Hank, Josh, and Matt became, by definition \"bros,\" but never really discussed starting a business together. Josh and Matt also shared something in common especially ironic at the time - they absolutely hated hot sauce. Now keep in mind that when your roommate is a chef, you\'re probably going to accept nearly anything coming across the table. When something requiring a noticeable amount of hot sauce was on the menu, the duo was hesitant, but Hank would usually reply with the ever so confident \"I got you, you\'ll like it\" which brought the hesitation down a notch or two. Hank had been making \"the sauce” (now better known as Herb Infused) for personal use for quite some time, but never really thought it was anything to brag about. It became popular at cookouts and gatherings, but the idea of pursuing a hot sauce career was even more left field than we were at the time. In May of 2011 they decided to leave the warm winters behind and move back to their native NJ to launch the brand. The three friends had all grown up working in the service industry, so they felt it was best to move home and embrace the strong tourism industry of the Southern shores of NJ. The plan was to work previous summer jobs while making Hank Sauce a known name around town. This included but was not limited to sneaking sample bottles into the bags of customers while delivering pizza, and other guerrilla marketing tactics. The Sea Isle City farmers market was their first crack at selling the sauce to a large crowd. It was such a success that after one summer they knew they had to find a kitchen and push the sauce full time; after all, they really had nothing to loose at that point. They found an available building on the South end of town and moved in October 2011. It was more space than needed, and Hank had more than enough experience in the kitchen, so they decided to open a restaurant as well, allowing guests the opportunity to try Hank Sauce on a wide variety of foods. The restaurant has become and absolute hit, and continues to be a staple in town today. Fast forward a few years (2015) and nearly 700 accounts later and the sauce is still being made (by hand) by our small crew which has grown to include a few clutch friends and family members. It was obvious that something had to be done about the supply and demand. While striking out with co-packers for a number of reasons, they were making about as much sauce as possible out of the small restaurant. It was time for a bigger boat. With the help of Matt’s dad Pietro and a local bank they secured a piece of land 30 miles away in the fabled town of Millville, NJ. They set their sights on a production facility that would improve capacity while allowing the brand to grow and experiment with other products, and in 2018 Myrtle Packaging was complete. (A fisherman by trade, The Myrtle Virginia was the name of Pete’s first commercial boat which he bought in his 20’s) To this day Hank Sauce is family owned and operated.

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