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Brain Lube

Out of stock

Description: Your body is a machine, Lube that baby up. Complete with Organic Coconut oil and MCT, were happy to have this option available. MCT is made by extracting medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil. They work because they don’t rely on other enzymes for absorption in your body. Throw me in your smoothie, coffee, tea, or cook with me!

By pairing Lion's Mane with a fat (coconut oil) we are able to transfer this medicine into our bodies rather efficiently. Our biology naturally uses structures called vesicles to transport materials inside our cells and throughout our body, this usually occurs in the form of liposomes. These “envelopes” are like cargo containers that ensure whatever is being delivered remains intact (particularly for bioactive compounds and nutrients).

Since lipids are fats and vesicles are made out of lipids, we can utilize this mode of transportation for encapsulating active compounds from our Lion's Mane into fats to highly boost their absorption throughout our bodies.

In short, short - This fat is helping to transport all of our active ingredients into our cells to Lube your Brain all the way up!

Lion's Mane:
- Neuro- Protective
- Fights brain fatigue
- Memory Support
- Nurtures your digestive system
- Enhances the immune system

Coconut Oil:
- Healthy weight loss, fat loss
- Supports cognitive health
- Supports digestion
- Increase energy levels
- Curbs hunger

Ingredients: *Coconut oil, *MCT oil, Lion's Mane


Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place such as your pantry.

Cognitive Function

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Cassandra grew up constantly enamored with exploring and self evolvement. Fascinated by collaborative relationships and connections we have to each other and this planet she was constantly trying to make sense of it. Cognitive Function was born as a resource to help others understand her realizations, to help others find these connections and show transparency. To uncomplicated the complicated and bring clarity and optimization into our lives, it was her main focus to study herself and others from different walks of life. Amongst all of this bloomed a nutrition channel with the focus of getting us back to our roots. It is her goal to show others how to grab a hold of your mental and physical health, mindfully eat and move your body all in the name of a happy lifestyle.

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