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Simple Syrup


4 oz bottle

Whether you want to make classic cocktails or mocktails, create your own recipes, or learn new techniques, Cheeky is for you! All our mixers are shelf-stable, and we never add artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Chose from available flavors in the drop down menu! Click on this item to see the full description.

Description: Cheeky replicates the essential ingredients stocked behind craft cocktail bars and brings them to your home!

Ah Simple Syrup…. the simplest of syrups! If you were to stock only one sweetener in your home bar for maximum versatility, this would be it. It comprises solely all-natural cane sugar and water, and balances one-to-one with our lime and lemon juice. Use Simple Syrup to make classics like a Whiskey Sour (Whiskey, lemon, simple); a Daiquiri (Rum, lime, simple), a Gimlet (Gin or Vodka, lime, simple), or an Old Fashioned (Whiskey, aromatic bitters, simple, & an orange twist.)
Ingredients: All natural cane sugar, water.

Agave: Agave Syrup is another staple found behind cocktail bars, and is often used in Tequila and Mezcal cocktails. Agave is sweeter than sugar, and more neutral in flavor than honey. Use Agave Syrup with Tequila and Lime to make a Tommy’s Margarita, or incorporate with Tequila, Mezcal, bitters, and an orange twist for a Oaxacan Old Fashioned.
Ingredients: Agave syrup, water.

Ginger: Ginger Syrup made from real ginger juice and all-natural cane sugar is a staple behind professional bars, and should be behind your home bar as well. Pair this Ginger Syrup one-to-one with Lime Juice to make classics from the Mule and Buck families (to make a Moscow Mule mix with Vodka, a Kentucky Mule mix with Bourbon, a Mexican Mule mix with Tequila, etc), or mix with Dark Rum, lime, and seltzer water for a Dark & Stormy.
Ingredients: All natural cane sugar, fijian ginger juice.

Honey: Honey Syrup is a staple behind cocktail bars for its warmth and depth of flavor, beyond that of almost all other sweeteners. It’s an essential ingredient in cocktails like the Gold Rush (Bourbon, Honey, and Lemon), the Bee’s Knees (Gin, Honey, Lemon), a Brown Derby (Bourbon, Grapefruit, and Honey), and many others. This Honey Syrup is mixed at a 2:1 ratio, and made with Grade A Wildflower Honey.
Ingredients: Honey, water.

Cranberry Lemon: Made with 100% Cranberry Juice and real lemon, our Cranberry Lemon syrup captures the citrusy sparkle and tart cranberry of the classically adored Cosmopolitan. But it shouldn’t stop there, this syrup pairs beautifully with both lemon or lime juice and a variety of spirits. Try your Cosmo with Cranberry Syrup, lemon juice and Whisk(e)y, or go classic and pair with Lime Juice and Vodka!
Ingredients: Water, all natural cane sugar, cranberry juice, lemon juice.

Storage: Syrups are shelf stable when unopened, but we’d recommend using within a year of purchase for best flavor. Simple Syrup will last for about a month after opening if kept refrigerated. Always refrigerate after opening.


A small group of bar & hospitality professionals, kicking ass and taking names, one bottle of cocktail mixers at a time. They are women & minority-founded, and their team is made up of individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds. They believe anything is possible with hard work (and they do a lot of it!), that humor is everywhere if you look for it. Cheeky began its journey in 2015 when their founder and beverage industry veteran, April Wachtel, realized students in her cocktail classes wanted to share the best cocktails with their friends and guests, but when it came to making them, felt overwhelmed and less-than. April wanted to help people make better drinks and feel like amazing hosts, and launched a batched cocktail service called Swig + Swallow, which evolved into a bottled cocktail mixer company. Cheeky’s syrups and juices are shelf-stable replicas of the ingredients professional bartenders stock behind cocktail bars, so they can be used with thousands of recipes from cocktail books and online publications, or your favorite bar.

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